WRANGLER 20X | Brand Rejuvenation

It’s a whole new rodeo for Millennials, from consumer research to celebrity search. Our research showed that the premium Western brand had been aging away from its target. The tag line “It’s a Whole New Rodeo” reflected the brand’s commitment to reinvent itself to be more relevant to all areas of their lives.

Brand logos: Logos were first in our makeover, because we found that young adults wanted different identities for guys and girls.

Hang tags: New photos of real kids lend authenticity and broaden what “rodeo” means to this target. Color-coded by gender.

Shop in shop: A powerful design in a crowded corral of competing brands. We also supervised design detailing, bidding, and implementation.

Fixtures: Each has the 20X logo built in, sprayed on, or stamped in to ensure shoppers know what brand they’re buying.

Point-of-sale signs: Selected in a first-ever 20X Celebrity Search that Whole-Brained helped mastermind, the new faces of 20X were real rodeo kids doing all the things they love.

20X Celebrity Search: Staging area for a unique brand launch at the National High School Rodeo Finals. Contestants competed to be the new faces of 20X, in a contest that included an on-stage judging event at the rodeo.

20X Celebrity Search materials: Print ads, event posters, signs, ballot box, T-shirts, ballcaps, and more. Whole-Brained also worked the booth and swept up after.

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