Did you say “whole-brained”?

In 1981, psychobiologist Roger Sperry won a Nobel Prize for proving that different sides of the brain do different things. Left is analytical. Linear. Recoils at junk drawers. Right is intuitive and whimsical. It loves the box of 64 crayons, especially Tickle Me Pink. The two sides are not mutually exclusive. In fact, the best work comes from the whole brain.

How it works.

Whole-Brained is interdependent, not co-dependent—a consortium of talented, experienced people who have worked together, off and on, for more than 13 years. You pay only for the people you need. For talent comparable to (or better than) large firms. Without the division of labor and crippling cost structure. This whole-brained approach deftly balances the rational with the intuitive… the strategic with the emotional… the laughter with the teeth-grinding. That’s what gets results.

How it started.

Whole-Brained Creative is just a bunch of talented people who like to work together. We all worked on major brands for design companies and agencies. But creative people weren’t supposed to enjoy client contact and strategy as much as we did. And the more senior we got, the more the fun stuff went to younger people who weren't equal to the challenges... while we supervised them and propped up the work, managed the money, and wondered what happened to the magic. Sigh.

Who leads.

Scott Sommers
Scott Sommers

President & Creative Director

Fearless leader. Expertise, passion, professionalism. Nose for talent. Deftly bridges creative ideas and business issues. More than 25 years of retail branding, marketing, advertising, environmental design, and graphic design experience. Singular strength: managing project teams to foster whole-brained solutions.

Formerly: Fitch:Worldwide, partner & creative director; Fame, vp & director of client development; RPA, senior vp of creative services.

Laura Sommers
Laura Sommers

Vice President, Writer, Creative Consultant

Outstanding word mind. Strong conceptual approach. States ideas simply, clearly, and emotionally. More than 25 years of experience in creative directing branding, advertising, promotions, and design. Knows gobs of words and which ones to use.

Formerly: Young Isaac, owner & creative director; McCracken Brooks, associate creative director; Gunder & Associates, senior writer.

We’ve worked on these name brands.

Nike • Microsoft • Levi Strauss • Disney • Foot Locker • Citibank • Wrangler • DKNY • Target Stores • Timberland • Wal-Mart • Russell Athletic • Columbus Crew SC • Limited Brands • Lane Bryant • Lee Jeans • ESPN • Tween Brands • Polo Ralph Lauren • 3M • Unifi • Repreve • BMW • Wolverine • Chase Bank • Nintendo • VF Printwear • Rocky Brands • Marshalls • TJ Maxx • The Bali Company • Best Buy • General Mills • Wild Oats Markets • Select Comfort Stores • Chic Jeans • Wilsons Leather • Sorel • Marshall Fields • Bell Canada • Kodak • Sears Mexico • Daiei • LG International • Gander Mountain Stores • Champion • Dayton's • Caribou • Lenscrafters • Victoria’s Secret • Motorola • Milk Promotion Board • JCPenney • Tasti D-Lite • Quaker • West Group • Pillsbury • King & Prince Seafood • The Turkey Store • Huntington Banks • Ohio Casualty Insurance • White Castle • Nationwide • Meredith Publishing • McGraw-Hill, and dozens of others.

Who’s that barking?

We’ve always had studio dogs. We find they’re easier to train than interns. Plus you can neuter them. (Ours are all rescues.) Studio dog duties include: barking when we’re on the phone, greeting visitors, napping, shedding, big-time wrestling, announcing the UPS lady, paper shredding, and reminding us to take breaks.

Current studio dogs are Stella (Most Exalted Studio Queen), Roxanne (Backup Junior Account Executive), and Neo (Perpetual Special Intern). Former studio dogs are also honored below. May they rest in peace. Send us pics of your own working dogs. Or stay-at-homes. We love them all.


Our biggest, boldest dog yet. Disturbingly close sense of physical space. Loyal to a fault. Sociable. If she had opposable thumbs, she’d be receptionist. Brand essence: “Your space is my space.”

Stella Professional cuddler.

Started at a puppy mill. But the boy had ambition, and high hopes, and he busted out. Earnest. Inquisitive. Brings his rubber snowball to every meeting. Brand essence: “Every day’s a new day!”

Neo Innocence abroad.

Part Dane, part Weimaraner (we think), part Vlad the Destroyer. Tender-hearted. Loves obedience class, but calls it her “weekly status meeting.” Brand essence: “It’s OK! I’ve got this.”

Roxanne Smartest dog in the room.


Was completely sure of herself, for ten minutes at a time. Steely coating over a marshmallow inside. Student of the martial arts. Brand essence: “I want to stop, but I can’t.”

Grace The drama queen.

Magnificent head, thick ankles, big rear. Was also known as: Bertha Butt, Miss Congeniality. Charming, not poised. Striking facial resemblance to Keanu Reeves. Brand essence: “What?”

Aja Dog show dropout.

Spoke English, and, we always suspected, several other languages. Looked perfect in deer antlers. Even better, curled up on his big chair. Brand essence: “Love me.”

Dune The. Most. Amazing. Dog. Ever.

Her chief job skills involved 360-degree spins and jumping, lots of jumping. The highest-strung, most joyful large dog we’ve ever met. Brand essence: “Uh… just one thing…”

Shade She was our first Dane.

The first studio dog. Cement head. Taught us all the commands, especially “Give. No. Give. No. Give.” Champion napper. Brand essence: “I was here first.”

Savannah Our long-ago adventure in Labrador.