WOLVERINE WORK STORE & BRAND | Branded Environment

Whole-Brained designed a comprehensive footwear store for a new generation of gray-collar workers—far more likely to shop for work footwear and apparel at retail. The store features Wolverine core work products, plus other brands from the Wolverine Worldwide family.

Storefront: Guys still don’t like to browse. A straightforward design helps our guy run in and get what he needs quickly.

Packaging: Strong ID puts the brand front and center. The wolverine reinforces the brand’s wild origins without being cuddly or cartoony.

Store interior: Designed to feel comfortable. You know, like a guy’s garage. Cement floors, raw steel outriggers, shop lighting.

Fixtures: This strictly functional, convertible multi-purpose fixture looks like something a guy might put together in his own garage workshop.

Store interior: Extensive footwear selection on the outer walls. Lower-demand apparel in the center for add-on sales.

Marketing campaign: Guys were invited to come by after work for the Grand Opening, with billboards, newspaper, digital, email, and direct mail.

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