TIMBERLAND PRO SHOPS | Brand Expression at Retail

Shop-in-shop and capacity wall concepts for this workwear line needed to grab attention from competitors’ branded areas. Using materials borrowed from construction job sites, Whole-Brained designed a wide-open, under-construction look that captures important real estate and creates a commanding brand presence.

Under construction: Raw materials and construction equipment—including cranes lowering the overhead sign into place—make a bold statement in a large store and yet feel authentic and comfortable to blue-collar consumers.

Built to specs: What Whole-Brained designs actually gets built. The finished shop-in-shop closely follows the original design, including the work-in-progress angles of the floor, displays, and overhead sign.

Industrial design: The shop is industrial and masculine without feeling massive or heavy. The transparent glass walls of the structure allow visibility and access from all angles.

Maximum footprint: Putting footwear on glass wall shelves makes the most of the space. Interactive screens simplify telling the work boot technology story.

Hardworking display: Mannequins backed by a huge wall graphic ensure that the brand’s full head-to-toe product offering won’t be missed.

Wall display rendering: To complement the shop concept, this modular, in-line presentation was designed to dominate the wall space, provide graphic storytelling and hold stock on the sales floor.

Wall display, finished: From far away, the finished wall serves as a brand beacon within much larger stores. Close up, detailed product information makes it easy to shop without assistance.

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