Timberland showroom | Brand Development & Store Design

From bland to brand... each surface, fixture, and piece of furniture now does the storytelling in this mid-Manhattan Timberland showroom. Before the re-design, Timberland staff spent time and energy before every sales event “decorating” the space to express the brand’s natural, authentic, we-can-make-a-difference image. Problem solved.

Unmistakable branding: First impressions. Naturally. The Timberland tree logo, cut out of wood. The biggest wow in the entry is this desk, made of real river rock strata to reflect a pattern found in nature.

Overview: Fixtures and furnishing vastly improved the showroom’s ability to hold media events, presentations, fashion shows, and of course, product markets.

Wayfinding: A rock cairn marks the way to the second level via the staircase, which draws the eye upward to another logo.

Display carts: Keeping it real. Made from bound-together, raw bootmaking materials.

Authentic artifacts: Employees donated used yellow boots and shared their stories of social service, handwritten on plain manila tags.

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