Rocky s2v product line | Trend Research & Brand Inception

Led and fed by our trend research and innovation session, Rocky chose a survival strategy—a concept that broadened them from a traditional hunting brand to a cutting-edge, highly technical brand for the growing extreme outdoor market. From sketches and scribbles on Post-It notes, the S2V “survival wear” brand was born… made with details like fire-starting materials to stash in the boot’s secret heel cache.

Visual positioning: Authentic, rugged style. Blending Rocky’s work in the military and outdoors with an iconic, high-tech flavor that appeals to Millennials. Strong. Smart. Versatile.

Product development: A product first described in an innovation session—a jacket loaded with functional features, survival essentials, and an avalanche transmitter—came to life in the partnership between Whole-Brained and Rocky.

Hang tag system: The S2V story, tabbed… so shoppers don’t miss technical details and the included survival essentials, never before offered this way.

Boot box: Inviting Millennials to reach “the pinnacle of adventure” with steep, angular shapes, emergency red, high-tech graphics, and direct, active language.

Essentials kit: Box and point of sale, designed and written so shoppers know to pick up this separate package—and what to do with it.

Fixtures: Designed not just to hold stuff, but to tell a unique story and telegraph that survival essentials are integrated from head to toe.

Included with purchase: Guide to survival priorities, essentials go-by, and paracord grenade to educate and add life-saving value.

Survival grenade: This distinctive piece was included with every purchase… wrapped in paracord and stuffed with simple survival tools.

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